On the weekend of the 20-21 of May, the ninth edition of Someș Delivery event (festival?) will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Paula Copaciu reports the Monitorul de Cluj.

“Events and activities about and with the Someș river,” says the print edition of the 3 may, 2023 Monitorul.  Sorry for the lack of a link, I cannot find the story on the online edition.

Someș delivery invites the residents of Cluj to take part in events that according to their website, seem to be promoting a greener Someș.  (Yes, I know rivers are normally blue, but green as in clean environment, so people and animals don’t get sick.)

The program does not seem to be set yet, so they suggest subscribing to their facebook page to find out more.  However, according to Monitorul, it will include something for bicycles.

“On the first day, we will explore together the Somes in Cluj by two rotations.  (or routes).  On the second day we will explore the area around Dacia streets and the segment of the lesser Somes in central Cluj.  There will be presentations by specialists on the urban and natural environments, discussing[….] The Water Council [… There will also be] activities for children [and more.]”

That is a rough translation of some of the story.  Not much information yet, but hopefully it will be filled with nice outdoor activities.

For those who love outdoor activities, there are others in Cluj.  Yesterday, you missed it, youth had free entrance to the Botanical Garden.  Youth are those under 35.  Yep, if you are 36 in Cluj, you are officially old.

But of course the Botanical Gardens are open other days if you pay.  And the best time to go is when no free tickets are being given out, it is less likely to be crowded then.

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