We previously wrote about TV streaming you can get in Romania.  Well, I am not sure Voyo was tried.

Voyo has some great content.  There is a documentary on Romania’s football team, a three-part about Ceasescu’s life, another informative documentary about

And some favorite Romanian TV shows, including La Bloc and recent ones.  I think my favorite Romanian TV shows are either on Voyo or YouTube.  (Maybe Daily Motion).

So, what is the problem, you ask?  Why no recommendation yet?

Well, if you want to watch pre-recorded shows, Voyo is great, and I recommend it.  If, however, you want to use it to watch live TV (such as the current UEFA Cup), I suggest you try the free trial on your device first, to see if it works on your device.  I am having trouble with the live TV option, even though the recorded problems work fine.

That said, if you miss a cup game (and you can’t figure out how to see it on YouTube) there are highlights available on Voyo.

Content: Fantastic.  You can watch shows, documentaries, and even match highlights.

Live TV: lots of channels, but they don’t work on every device.

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