I should have studied art

A graduate of the University of Art and Design (UAD)  in Cluj, Andrian Ghenie, has sold a painting in Hong Kong for seven million Euros.

UAD is supposedly the lowest ranked University in Cluj Napoca.  How do they do the ranking?

Perhaps by how much the average graduate earns.  Other rankings, like student satisfaction, mean very little.  Some people think they are supposed to say that they are satisfied no matter what, while others grew up complaining.

Anyway, it is a nice painting.  We have been to the graduate show from the UAD, and some of their students have a lot of talent.  So we might hear about other artists making big sales.

Adrian Ghenie has sold other paintings for a lot of money.

Un tablou al pictorului clujean Adrian Ghenie, vândut cu 7 milioane de euro – ZiardeCluj.ro

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