Hai la Gherla Hai la Cluj

The Romanian football cup will be held at Gherla, at 1.30 pm (1330) on 7 December 2022 at the municipal park.  Gherla is about an hour from Cluj-Napoca by car or train.

Competing will be Atletic Olimpia Gherla and AS FC Universitatea Cluj Napoca.  The Cluj-based university women’s team has won three championships so far.

More information is available in Romanian from the following websites:

(errata, we previously said the team was competing in the Romanian World Cup.  It was the Romania Cup.  Forgive us, we are used to North American baseball, where you can have a “World” Series with teams from one or two countries).

Meci de fotbal feminin in Cupa Romaniei la Gherla (ziarelive.ro)

Meci de fotbal feminin în Cupa României la Gherla – Gherla INFO – CLUJ

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