Sora Shopping Centre

Last year, one of the other English language papers reported that Sora was a shadow of its former self.  We went to visit it during the lockdown, and there was not a lot to see.  Though there were a few nice shops, many of the shops were empty.

But a visit in late 2022 shows that the shopping center is bouncing back.  The sign outside looks nice again, the street work is completed, and best of all there are a variety of shops to choose from.  From modern stylish clothing to hoodies to those traditional shirts that Romanians wear on their national day, there are gift ideas for nearly everyone.  And if you just want to read a magazine in English or French, there is a newsagent on the bottom floor that sells a few.  I never thought I would see Paris Match in Cluj, but there it was.  Other than English and French, (and of course, Romanian), there appeared to be another language that we haven’t yet learned.

Upstairs, there is still work to be done.  Many of the shops upstairs are available, and some have moved downstairs, but there is a beautician that works through appointments only.  Do they speak English?  We haven’t tried, they understood our Romanian.  Also upstairs is a dance store, which sells dance shoes and outfits for all ages.  There is also a beautician of some sort that might be opening soon.

There are also those delicious comfort food stands outside, if you feel like getting a snack after you leave.

Like many places in Cluj, Sora is recovering well after the pandemic.  The foot traffic is slowly returning, and they sell beautiful clothing at reasonable prices.

Anyway, while some shops seemed to stopped business during the restrictions from the pandemic, the location has enormous potential.  There are spaces open for anyone considering starting a shop of their own.  Looks like an opportunity.

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