Mihai Eminescu

So, Romania’s national culture day is here.

All week, there have been events at the Octavian Goga library, museums and theatre.

The face of one of Romania’s most famous poets was projected onto the theatre.

On the 15th of January, entrance to the permanent exhibit at the art museum and all the exhibits at the history museum are free.  (Later, there is a concert at the history museum.  That is not free, but you can buy tickets online).

There are also events in the Cazino (in northern Cluj), at the Puck puppet theatre, and something in the sports centres.  It will be a great day to go for a walk and explore, or simply stay at home and read poetry.

At about 1pm, at the Parcul Sportiv „Dr. Iuliu Hațieganu”, a new statue will be unveiled.  (The park is on the south bank of the Someșul river, between the BT stadium and Vivo Mall).

More news later.

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