In the central square, starting at 2pm, there will be a musical treat to celebrate the anniversary of the Little Unification.

This is a national holiday, which means most services, including museums, schools, banks, immigration, tax buildings, and so on, will be closed.

Some roads will also be closed or altered for some of the day, as pedestrians watch the celebrations.

Some of the performers include

  • Maria Golban Șomlea
  • Maria Lobonț
  • Lucia Potra
  • Cristian Totpati
  • Mihaela Grindean
  • Ana Ilca Mureșan
  • Sava Negrean Brudașcu
  • Aurel Tămaș
  • Mariana Gabrian Sfechiș
  • Suzana and Daciana Vlad
  • Narcisa and Ana Georgeta Balla
  • The Romanansul folkloric ensemble
  • the Mărțișorul Folkloric Ensemble
  • Ovidiu Purdea Șomeș
  • many accompanied by the Royal Transylvanian Orchestra

at 7 pm will be the concert Semnal M.

at 8 pm, a fireworks display.

As usual, just walk to the centre square and you will see the show.

The day of the unification celebrates the unification of Moldova and Wallachia.   Alexandra Ioan Cuza was elected prince in a power struggle that was the first step toward the unification of the modern state of Romania.

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