More sad news with car accidents.

Of course, most accidents do not involve expats, but when they do, we notice their nationality on the news.  This time, a 64 year old American man has been accused of driving into a woman who was crossing at a crosswalk.

The woman was sent to the hospital.  The driver was apparently not drunk at the time, as he passed one of those tests.

This did not happen in Cluj itself, but it was under the jurisdiction of the Cluj police department.  And many expats in Cluj, especially those with cars, leave the area.

Always be careful and attentive on the road, but be extra careful in a foreign country.  Your nationality should not make the news for the wrong reasons.  if you are at all tired, take a bus or a taxi.

Previously, we have seen drivers from other countries, including Ukraine and Finland, involved in accidents.  Sometimes it appears that the driver is at fault, other times we have pedestrians crossing without warning at the wrong part of the road.

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