The women’s finalissima, where Brazil will hopefully beat England (I wanted to say crush, but there are too many hooligans to get away with using that word), is available on Antenna.

When? 21.45 Romanian time, Thursday, 6th of April. 

Now, Antena Play is not the cheapest streaming service available in Romania, but if you have a TV subscription that channel should be free to watch on a normal television.  (And Antena is included in other streaming networks that we mentioned).  Unfortunately, it does not seem to be one of the streaming channels with Digi (but if you have a working tv, then I think you should be able to get Antena with Digi).

You might also be able to watch it through your streaming network from other countries.  (For instance, if you are visiting Romania and have a roaming Canal+ subscription).  Here is the official list of providers from the Uefa football league:–where-to-watch-womens-finalissima-2023-tv-streaming/?utm_campaign=finalissima-allaccess&utm_content=wheretowatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=rec

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