Tonight is the night at the museum, not the movie, but a free museum entrance at night. (Today, Saturday, the 13th.  Some start at noon, most start their free entrance at five or six).  Thirteen is good luck if you life free things, but potentially bad luck if you hate crowds.

Here is a little expat-oriented review of what to expect.

The art museum is, generally, mostly visual.  There are little descriptions on there, but only a couple of words and google translate will tell you.

The Folklore museum has some English, but a lot of the exhibits are either obvious or specialist.  I mean, if you don’t know what that tool that the fisherman uses is by looking at it, perhaps you still won’t know what it is if you see the word for it in your native language.  There are some photos on the wall to help, but eventually you just need to use your imagination if you are a city person. (Otherwise, if you grew up in the country or visit family there, you you might have seen something similar before).  They do not advertise the night of the museum on their website, but they are listed in the Night of The Museum catalogue, so I am not 100 percent sure they are participating this year.

The History Museum has an exhibit on the History of Cluj.  That is interesting, but most of the description is only in Romanian.  I know people who understood what was written from a knowledge of Italian, and the exhibit is pretty visual anyway so you can figure a lot out.  There is also an exhibit on Ancient Egypt, which is very small (and I mean very small) but it bilingual so English speakers will understand most of it.  And two more exhibits.

Also, a couple of private museums, including the Steampunk museum, are offering free entrance from normal closing time until midnight.

In addition, many of the University museums will not only have free entrance but will have special exhibits.  Our experience from last year meant that these museums were unusually crowded. As they are open later than usual, until midnight in many cases, means that more people are able to visit.

Some of these museums can be somewhat crowded at other times as well, but the University museums get a huge boost in numbers from the night at the museum publicity.  

The university science museums seemed especially popular with expats last year, so if you want to overhear a conversation in German or French, that might be the place to go.


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