A dog saved his family from a fire that destroyed their 135 thousand euro (that is right, euro not lei) BMW in Dumbrăvița (3 1/2 hours southwest of Cluj) Adevărul reports.

The fire broke out in the garage between 11 pm and 2 am, when the family was asleep.  Then the father heard frantic barking, and ran to the scene.

The heroic dog unfortunately died on the scene.  The owner grieved ‘enormously’ for his lost pet.  “The rest you can fix, but you can’t get that back.”

He has contacted the firm where he bought the BMW, who said they could do nothing, and then on their advice went to the head office in Bucharest.  The car was not very old, and still under guarantee.  It is not clear from the article by Adevărul whether or not the hybrid car was the cause of the fire.

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