We all know that things are more expensive at the airport, but seven euros for a box of chocolates?

Yes, we heard that is the case.  Not a specific brand of chocolates, not a box, just a bar with Dracula on it.  I don’t think they are that expensive even in the airports in Belgium or Switzerland.

At first, our correspondent reported believing that the bars of chocolate were indeed seven lei each.  At the nearest Kaufland in Cluj, you can get a basic bar of chocolate for about one lei.  A nicer brand might be two or three lei, and a top brand perhaps five lei. So, even seven lei might seem like an excessive airport price.

Seven euro, however, is about 35 lei.

We would like to ask the readers whether they had tried this chocolate, to see whether or not it is indeed worth the price.  After seeing this, the extortionate price of one euro for a bottle of airport water seems cheap.

Other expensive things at the airport were about 25 lei for a sandwich, and 30 euros an hour to sit in the business department lounge.  However, the departure lounge is free for holders of certain credit cards.  No matter how crowded the regular gate was, very few people were in that business lounge.  My guess is that those who were there had accounts with participating banks.

One way our reporter found of avoiding this extortionate fee was to simply wait in the wrong lounge.

Flights are delayed for various reasons, sometimes we think they are in kahoots with the vendors of these overpriced foods at the airport.  However, even after a two-hour delay, our correspondent reported no desire whatsoever to spend seven euros on a chocolate bar.

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