We missed the festivals in Cluj.  Actually, we did see some but haven’t reported on them. Yet.

Anyway, Brasov, one of Romania’s and Transilvania’s most interesting cities, is holding a film festival that might interest fans of TIFF.  Or, the old Tiff.

This weekend there will be a Rroma festival in Brasov.  What will it be like?  Not sure.  Check out the Rroma festival’s Facebook page and you’ll know most of what we do.  There is also an article about it in Libertatea newspapers.

It is apparently the first edition, so it might be small.

One of the films does seem to have Johnny Depp in it.  And in addition to films, there is dance and more.  Places are limited.

Other festivals that seem to be on the radar include a folklore festival.

We missed a few this summer, but we did see some of Tiff and the Hungarian Days.  Despite the roads being in a state of disrepair, or perhaps because of it, they were crowded.  And yes, the langos were great, but there was much more than just langos.

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