Do you want to rent a place for Untold?  Okay, but make sure the person letting the apartment has the right to do so.

A man from Cluj-Napoca was arrested for letting an apartment that he didn’t have the right to let.  Again.  Repeat offender, false flat lender.  Monitorul de Cluj has the full story.

You may know that some advance tickets for Untold have already sold out.  And renting a place during the festival can be expensive.  Con artists take advantage of the desperate, the ignorant and the greedy.

Other forms of fraud that we noticed in Roumania was when people rent a place through the Booking or Air B n B type sites, but only accept cash payment.  Here, they are probably performing fraud against the air-bnb site.   You might just end up with noisy neighbours.  (Which is okay if you like Manele.)

If you want a nice place to stay, an unfortunate development might be of interest.  The old palace in the centre, right by the main square, could be turned into a hotel soon.  Yes, we are talking about the art museum.  I guess it is time to take one last look at the paintings and sculptures before they get moved into storage, or into the bedrooms of rich hotel guests.

închiria – to rent

țepar – grifter, hustler, con-artist.

țepar cu chirii – rent swindler

Cunoscut – known

Lucut, Carmen (2023, September 18) Un cunoscut țepar cu chirii din Cluj-Napoca, arestat.  Monitorul de Cluj.

Muresan, Anca, (2023, September 18) Muzeul de Artă din Cluj Napoca devine hotel de 5 stele? . Ziua de Cluj.–253247.html

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