Every city in the world has its scammers, con artists, crooks, or as you say in Romanian, escrocii, înșelatori, șarlatani. ,  In your own city, you are probably used to the uniforms of normal officials, the body language and voice tones of normal professionals, and you hopefully learn to notice suspicious behavior.

But certain groups of people are always vulnerable, so we thought we’d warn you about a scam that fooled someone who writes for Hey Cluj.

Ziua de Cluj reports that electric companies are warning their clients of a dishonest practice among competitors.  Have you ever been told that your electric supply would stop unless you renewed your contract?  Well, that is a lie.  Electric companies automatically renew their contracts in Romania, just like in most of Europe.  Those who tell you otherwise might be trying to get you to change companies.   So, if you sign that contract, you might get stuck with an inferior electric provider.

Ziua continues that only special deals expire, the contracts with electric companies continue.  Yes, that is pretty much the way it is everywhere.  If anyone tells you that Roumania is different, they are probably trying to fool you.

Other frauds that expats might not recognise include extra questions by the bank.  Roumania is a European country, and if you wouldn’t answer a question in the UK, France or Belgium, there is no need to answer it here.

Electrica Furnizare atrage atenția asupra unor practici înșelătoare.  Fii informat! (25 September, page 6) Ziua de Cluj

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