Most museums in Cluj are relatively small, especially compared to the British Museum or those in capital cities like Brussels.  But some can be seen in less than an hour if you need something to do before lunch.

The Pharmacy Museum

This is an old pharmacy which has turned into a museum.  We don’t see the living quarters, but two floors are open to the public.  You can see old remedies, glass jars, and even old coins.  We wrote more about it back in March.

Last we checked, the English audio guide seemed not to work.

The Jewish Museum

This museum is only a couple of rooms.  It tells the story of how the local Jewish population increased after the pogroms in Russia and decreased again during fascism and communism.  There isn’t much to see here, but an audio guide in various languages, including English, helps us understand the objects and those who owned them.

The museum is about the size of an average expat’s apartment and lacks a few contextual facts that might clarify things.  (For example, I didn’t see a mention of how Ceaucescu also sold ethnic Germans to West Germany).  However, it does focus on a time when the Jewish population was mostly isolated, so the lack of important details might show their point of view.

The Steampunk Museum

This is our choice for small museums.  Most visitors are about student age or seem to be young engineers.

Imagine being able to jump into one of Jules Verne’s novels.  Or better yet, see original works by artists inspired to take old junk and turn it into something from HG Wells, Jules Verne, or other Victorian Era science fiction.  Steam Punk is the genre that continues Jules Verne’s imagination into the present day.  It is science fiction based on science (and perhaps politics) of past centuries.

In addition, you can also play an old arcade game of Super Mario Brothers (or was it just Mario Brothers?)

If you’re lucky, you can get your future told, visit Captain Nemo’s ship, or perhaps even travel in time.  And there is another surprise for visitors who go upstairs…

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