Three sites that do not exist in Cluj, a statue, a tower and a church.

Whether you are a student, a tourist, an expat, or a local, you could learn something with the Free Cluj Tours.

Tours are conducted in English, even though the tour guides (and many of the tourists) are Romanian.  You will learn a few Romanian words along the way, perhaps the name of that instrument under the Avram Iancu statue.

It is the perfect LIIT workout.  There is light exertion as you walk from one landmark to another, and then your heart rate lowers as you stop to learn about it.  Some groups may climb the tower.

There are free tours and paid-for tours.  It is customary in Europe and the United States to tip tour guides.

The tours are given by members of the local history group, which includes history students at UBB.  And they know a lot, even if you have lived here for some time you could learn something.

Tours are open to different ages, so you can take your children and grandchildren along.

After you book, you can check your email for a confirmation.  There will be basic instructions on how to recognise your tour guide, usually by a color-coded placard or umbrella.

We enjoyed the basic tour, and are strongly considering another more specific tour.   Recommended.

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