Sunday was Rusalii.  Monday is also a holy day in the Orthodox calendar.

What is Rusali?  Pentecost?  Whitsun?  Traditionally, the fiftieth day after Easter, the Holy Ghost is said to have descended to the disciples.  This is celebrated on different days in the Orthodox and Catholic calendars because they celebrate Easter on separate days.

As Rusali (and the Monday after) are holy days (days circled or with a red cross next to them in Orthodox calendars), we are not meant to do housework, laundry, or gardening that day.  And yet, this morning, I heard someone very loudly cutting the hedge.  Perhaps he did not know it was Rusali or didn’t care.  Or, maybe he just doesn’t get the day off.

Many things will be closed on Rusali, including banks, government services, and museums which are normally closed on Monday anyway.

Enjoy the day off, if you have it, and take the day off if you can, you might need the rest.

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