Two Nosferatus, one with a film camera and the other in front of a tank, with Hey Cluj Logos on their faces

Have you been to Electric Castle?  Have you seen Metropolis or Nosferatu with live music at the film festival in the castle?  If so, you probably know what Banffy Castle looks like at night.

The Banffy Castle in Bontida is being restored.  It has been in the Banffy family for generations and was doing fine until World War II.  Then, the retreating German army set it on fire, destroying the library and much of its history.

During the communist occupation, the statues were beheaded, as Marxists saw the Roman Gods and symbols of aristocracy as their enemies.  (Quixotism only attacks windmills.  Marxism attacks everything.)

During the communist period, the area was not treated with respect. Filmmakers exploded sets, destroying more of the site.

Then, with the fall of the Warsaw Pact and the collapse of the economy, and with no one to oversee the building, locals took stones for their dwellings.  It was only about a decade later that restoration began.

A visit to the building will tell you its history.  In addition to the ruins (the Marxists didn’t destroy everything, the stable is still there and a few headless urns are half recognizable), and restored areas, there is new art to celebrate in the castle, including illustrations of one of the Bannfy’s stories and new plaques created in the 2020s.

The Banffy family always liked art, and you can see how certain rooms are well-lit for design, painting, and creative work.  You may also find old exhibits of theatre productions.

The permanent exhibit is only open on weekends.

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