Some say that Romanian is the easternmost latin language.  Well, like Latin, there are five noun cases in Romanian, and like other eastern languages, you find subtle suffixes that hint to a different way of thinking.

I tried to teach myself Romanian through the best apps, I found myself accidentally saying poală instead of oală.  (And a few other mistakes that I would rather forget).  Yes, it was time for professional help.

When you consider that it costs 100 euro an hour for a good psychologist who can speak English, then learning Romanian properly would be cheaper than going crazy.

But all the courses I could find were online or in Bucharest.

I taught myself to level B1, and took an online test with Rolang school.  Then, I continued stalling for another few months, hoping to find a live class in Cluj.

I could not find any that went over A2, or any that promised reaching a specific level.


230 euros for a two week course might sound expensive, but if you are not in computer industry then learning the language could open the door to new career opportunities.   It can actually get you up a level (from B1 to B2, for instance).

You might not need the book, but it can be a help.  It costs another 30 euros if you are a student or 40 if you are not.  It is great for review after the course is over, or even catching up if you missed a class or two.

Okay, to get to B2 level from zero you will probably need at least four courses.   Some banks might charge transfer fees, so including the book, let’s round up the price to 1000 euros.  Sure, you can get a lot of language apps with that money, but then you might end up calling a “soup pot” a “lap.”

The students I met were dedicated learners.  Perhaps the commitment required by the cost helps, but then again, Romanian is a difficult enough language that not a lot of light weights attempt to learn it.


The curriculum is very straight forward (and as the school created its own book, it is pretty evident).  Students are pushed at a rapid but manageable pace.  You put in the work and tuition fees, and Rolangschool does the rest.


Instructors are native Romanian speakers who tend to be well educated in literate subjects.  Some have experience in other industries, which helps them give interesting examples in their language teaching.  They guide you through the curriculum and supplement it with other information to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of the subject.  Good instructors like these help to keep students motivated.


At each level you gain a certificate that can be used to prove that you know your stuff.  Even after the official classes, you can still take additional tuition beyond the B2 level and then be tested on your level.  I am pretty sure that these certificates will be accepted at most educational institutions.  I do not know if employers recognise them but I would see them as valuable if I were hiring.


I found the website a little confusing, but when I wrote them an email enquiry, I found them more than helpful.  If you have already been teaching yourself Romanian for some time, I recommend taking the placement course, which I believe costs 30 euros.

There are other good courses and good teachers out there.  That said, i can confirm that Rolang school is worth the money, and it will save you a lot of time compared to apps and self study.  (And it will probably save you money too).

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