There will be a tourism market at Vivo Shopping Centre on the 17-19 of February.  Times are between 10 am and 10 pm.

Benefits include up to a 35% discount on vacation packages, a raffle, and a surprise.

With many tour providers in one place, you can also benefit from being able to find the perfect packaged holiday in a short time.

There will be holidays that can be paid in installments as well as those which can be bought outright.

Access to the Tourist market is free.  (as in gratuit).

Note that the advertising for this event is in Romanian, so although many Romanians do speak at least one second language, there is no guarantee that any given stand will speak anything other than Romanian.  That said, it is statistically likely to have a few stands run by individuals who speak a few other languages (most likely Hungarian, English, French, Spanish, and German).

For those who do not wish to have a full packaged holiday, there may be other options there.  Even if they aren’t, we note that new flights are coming out from Cluj all the time.  The airport will have at least an estimated three million passengers in 2023.

Where do Romanians go on holiday?  One popular destination is the beach.  In addition to Constanța, Romanians are known to visit Greece, go scuba diving in Egypt, or hike and ski in Austria.  Well, maybe not Austria so much, now that many Romanians have decided to boycott the country.

Some of the new destinations served by low-budget airlines Wizz Air include Cluj to Antalya.  A few other planned flights have been put on hold for the moment.

More information, (in Romanian), is available at:

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